Vitamix 3600

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Vitamix makes blenders capable of creating delectable frozen concoctions and hot soups in the same container. There Vitamix 3600, 5000 and 5200 models can make you dinner or dessert within minutes. Though you can buy their products online, many times you will see people demonstrating the capabilities of Vitamix blenders at home shows and wholesale stores. I’m sure they sell a lot of their blenders from their demonstrations because tasting and seeing is believing.

Creating your own dessert using healthy natural ingredients without preservatives is a positive step to increasing and enhancing your overall health. Being able to do this in your own home can save not only money but time. The Vitamix 3600 unit can easily transform frozen fruit into a healthy and nutritional frozen dessert in just a few minutes. Simply add frozen fruit to the blender container along with a little bit of water or juice and let the blender performance magic. The action caused by the blades spinning at such a high speed, effectively refreezes the fruit as it chops it to bits. The result is a thick, dense and tasty frozen concoction.

Once you’ve made your frozen concoction, you can use the Vitamix 3600 unit to make a hot steaming soup in less than 4 minutes. Doing nothing more than what you did to make your frozen dessert, you simply add the meat, vegetables, spices and water or broth to the Vitamix container. Just put the lid on, and press the button on high and it will pulverize the ingredients in the container. Because the ingredients are frozen, the results will be the heating process instead of the freezing process. With this blade action spinning at a high rotation and naturally begins to cook the ingredients. Within just a few minutes you’ll have a piping hot delicious soup.

Your Vitamix unit also has the ability to make flour from any kind of grain, by simply turning the machine all the way up. Adding other ingredients to your flour, such as yeast and water along with changing the blade, you can instantly turn your ingredients into bread dough. The machine also has the ability to knead the dough.

This unit also can be used as a simple juicer. Better than an extracting juicer, the Vitamix 3600 effectively grinds the fruits and vegetables along with its pulp to make a healthy juice. Nutritionalists agree that consuming all of the fruits and vegetables, instead of just the juice, is a healthy and nutritional way to get all the benefits of the produce.

The Vitamix 3600 makes a helpful addition in your kitchen. Being able to produce juice, frozen desserts and nutritious soups in just minutes is an effective way to feed your family in a healthy way.

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